October 19th, 2018

This week: GLRI Cleans Up Toxic Dump + Water Affordability & PFAS Are Center Stage In MI + Stakeholders Engage On GLC + Climate Change Concerns UN



Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Brings New Life to Old Toxic Waste Site    

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) is bringing much optimism to the region, and recently scored another big win for the State of Michigan! Recently, the EPA announced the cleanup of the former Zephyr Oil Refinery site, a project totalling $16 million dollars. Toxic chemicals, blight, and various sediments were removed from the site. Placing of new soil and seeding, tree and flower planting are just some of the efforts by the state to restore natural wildlife habitats back to the location. The GLRI Fund, created in 2010, has utilized millions of dollars to tackle pressing issues in the region, such as toxic site cleanup, and invasive species projects. With the help of local and regional partners, Freshwater Future has worked to successfully advocate and secure support for the GLRI. Success stories like this fuel our mission to protect the Great Lakes. Read more about the latest GLRI success!     


Water Affordability and Quality, Highlight "A Day Without Water"

Water affordability, water quality, and equity are major issues plaguing the Motor City, Flint and beyond. With so many residents struggling to keep water flowing out of their taps, the true stories of water shutoffs and unaffordable water bills are constantly held hostage to the narrative of "comeback" surrounding the city. To highlight these disparities, many activists convened in Flint on the national "A Day Without Water". Detroit activist, co-founder of We the People of Detroit, and Freshwater Future community ally Monica Lewis-Patrick spoke to the media regarding water issues across the state.


Community Stakeholders Engage on Great Lakes Compact

Two weeks ago we shared that the Great Lakes Compact and Agreement was under review for changes to the way the public can be involved in the decision making process and we asked you to reach out to the Great Lakes Compact Council. During this public comment period, you were part of 27 groups and nearly 50 individuals who reached out to let them know we want increased effectiveness around public participation. For over 10 years the Great Lakes Compact and agreement have helped protect the Great Lakes. Thank you for your engagement in the protection of the Great Lakes!


Climate Change Efforts Need Support at All Levels: A Bad News, Good News Story

A report released last week by a group of scientists, convened by the United Nations to guide world leaders, called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC, stated a much shorter timeline before severe impacts of climate change become irreversible.

Good news - the worst case scenario can be prevented. What will it take? Actions and leadership at all levels - states, cities, businesses, and people like you, committed to reducing carbon, increasing renewable energy, and adapting to changing conditions (think more extreme rain events). For example, recently Traverse City, Michigan committed to sourcing their power with all renewable energy by 2040. And in the coming year, Freshwater Future will be helping urban neighborhoods collect and use localized data to deal with flooding from extreme rain events. You can help too!

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You are busy, we know, we get it - we are too! Freshwater Future put together a few fabulous webinars that will help you be more efficient and effective. Check them out here.

PFAS Testing Results

The State of Michigan is testing over 1,400 public water supplies - the data can be found here - and Freshwater Future is keeping a close eye on it. As new results are released, we issue a press release for communities that have results that are between the EPA's safe level (70 ppt) and the CDC's recommended safe level, which is up to 10 times less. Here is one of our current press releases. Check our blog and Facebook to see if your community could be impacted.

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